the music I make

“brilliant, boisterous and quintessentially downtown...”
— Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times
“impressive nerve ... a pop-operatic pow ... orchestrated like Kate Bush kickin’ it with the Mingus Big Band.”
— David Fricke, Rolling Stone
“Few composers are as uninhibited in saying exactly what they want to say...”
— Ken Smith, Gramophone
“....one of the brighter lights on the downtown scene...”
— New York Times
“brilliant sonic palettes...passionate vocals and her edgy, yearning delivery...urgency and allure.”
— Dan Ouellette, Schwann Guide

”...through sheer will and implied sexuality… Brazelton wrote herself into the score... the cohesion of the music comes from her expression of then and now.

— Daniel Webster, The Philadelphia Inquirer

”you might wonder how someone’s musical appetite can be quite so voracious... Hard to resist.
— Andy Hamilton, THE WIRE
“What Is It Like To Be A Bat” is a hellacious squall of sound that is never boring and wholly original…On the whole, it feels like the soundtrack to a futuristic film about a pending Armageddon.
— Mitchell J. Ryan, Boston Herald
“Brazelton is a totalist composer, part of a generation that believes that there’s more than one way to compose and that all musical genres are available for use, from high modernism to downtown funk. She isn’t interested in cheap irony or vain attempts at hipness, though; she’s stylistically inclusive because she simply wants to make interesting and original sounds.”
— Danny Felsenfeld, Time Out New York
“Vocalist/composer/educator Kitty Brazelton is a true musical renaissance woman. Armed with a doctorate in music arts, her legacy spans acid and jazz-rock genres, while she is also known for her gigs and involvement in New York City’s notorious downtown scene.”
— Glenn Astarita, AllMusic Guide
“...rips the entire postscript that is postmodern rock to the ground... Brilliant and dangerous...
— Thom Jurek, AllMusicGuide